Sweet Bonanza slot machine

This is a unique slot machine, invented from 2019. It was developed and released by Pragmatic Play. The genre of the game is very simple, you just need to collect the right combination of fruits. The game quickly gained rabid popularity and interested all those who loved fun, simple and gambling, uncomplicated games. These qualities gave a great start a huge number of online casino sites around the world.

Sweet Bonanza

Sweet World attracts players in different rounds and allows them to win a set of pretty fruit in almost every spin. Here the price changes moderately, not quickly, which can always be tracked. The main focus of this game is on free spins on the reels. During the game, you will be provided with gadgets such as sweet bombs and lollipops on a stick. You can extend the prize round and increase the probability of winning. This is a game that makes you want to be excited from the first moment you play and play. You will be fascinated by the falling fruits. The bright colors are nice to look at and won’t distract players from the main game.

What is a game of Sweet Bonanza?

Sweet Bonanza gameplay2

You will see a playing field consisting of 6 reels and 5 rows. There are no clear lines or edges. This slot has an additional feature called free spins. Later we will introduce you to its features. The numbers that appear on the screen have something of a scatter. There are no regular jackpot draws in this game. The payout for 1 move is only 0.2 rubles, and the maximum bet amount reaches 100. You can try it for free without registration, so it’s very convenient without wasting time. Any product has its pros and cons.

Positive Things

Quite a high level of refunds for players

You can spin the reels as long as you want without paying anything

Available scatter icon

The lowest price per spin is 0.2 credits.

In a slot machine you can earn a large number of credits


No reels.

No risky games

No bonus level

No chance to win the jackpot.

There are very few paylines without a sliding mark.

This is not suitable for people who like blockbusters

If you get 12 of the same symbols, all payouts are absolutely guaranteed. Just collect a chain of 8 pictures and you can win. This step will set the payout level at 3 steps.

As an element of the game, the lollipop is the way to go. Its advantage is that it acts as a scatter, and with this command, if more than 4 icons appear somewhere on the field, the score will be increased by 100 times. Always keep in mind that there can be multiple combinations in one round. The uniqueness of this game confirms the great profitability of the units.

Sweet Bonanza slot game Bonus buy free spin

Sweet Bonanza is a very exciting game that will make you no longer want to go home in the first 1 minute. The bright design will delight the eye and lift your spirits, which will prolong the excitement of the player. In front of you a whole universe filled with different sweets. All the details of the game are clearly drawn and the whole game has a very grand design. Because it is simple and easy to play, the variety of colors and bright elements do not distract the player from the main action of the game. Enjoy the process, win and get lots of bonuses. We guarantee big winnings with simple bets!!!

Machine Features

1) The level of the average percentage of money that is periodically returned to players is moderate

2) Line – no

3) Mechanical falling symbols presented in the form of Cascade

4) Combination of payment methods – Payment in any place (any payment of 8 symbols, which fell anywhere in the field).

5) Scheme of the screen – 6×5

6) Description of the bonus – 10 free spins with special symbols and the possibility of extension

7) Bonus buy – 100 bet min

8) The influence of the size of the bet on the winnings is always high and is activated with 2x the possibility

9) No risk at all

10) No additional spins

11) Maximal sum of payment is not great 150 12) Maximal prize fund

How to play Sweet Bonanza

The game is a slot, and most of it is occupied by a playing field with symbols, typical only for this game. On the left is the control panel. It is clear and simple. This should be understood by any newcomer. We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the rules of the game, understand what bonuses are available and how much you can earn. Be sure to think about how many times you can use these gifts. To see all of the above, find the “i” button.

By pressing the “Bet Level” button, you can choose how many times to reduce or increase your initial capital.

There are also buttons on the control panel that look as follows:

-Credit: displays your account balance.
-Bets: The amount of your bet
-Auto Play: Starts the game automatically.

Use the arrow keys to start the normal round. Here, after you finish spinning, place your bet each time. You can skip the commercials with the same button, withdraw money in fast mode, or stop spinning at any time convenient for you. You can use the plus and minus keys to open the panel and select the number of coins and chips you want to bet, as well as determine the total bet amount. There are also buttons to adjust settings that are important to you, such as speed and sound. The player can adjust it to their liking so that nothing interferes with the game itself.

Playing Sweet Bananza for real money is very easy. It is very simple, because you just need to register at the online casino and top up your balance. There are many bank cards and payment methods.

Depending on the rank of the casino, the following cards can be used:

-Ethereum and other payment methods

The difference between a real Bonanza slot machine and a demo version.

Regardless of whether you play for real money or with the trial version, the rules of the game do not change. The order of the buttons and betting limit will not change. However, there is a difference between playing for free and paying with money.

1) Free players will be given 10,000 credits. This is the freedom of the individual to set limits as outlined in the internal rules. Since this is not real money, no deposit is required in this situation. But it is worth to understand 1 very important nuance. No matter how much the prize pool is worth, no matter what figure you see on the scoreboard, you can’t withdraw it at all.

2) When playing for real money, it is recommended to bet only up to the minimum limit, as you will get very few scatter and bonus moments. Otherwise, programs that increase the number of balls, such as free spins and multipliers, go out of business. This has nothing to do with betting at all.

3) In the trial version, you can play indefinitely. Once the virtual currency runs out, the player quits the game and comes back again. There will be exactly the same amount in the account. The cash game ends exactly when the player’s account is emptied.

Slot machine Sweet Bonanza

The bonuses in this game are directed in different directions. Free spins with cascading winning mechanisms and huge multipliers. However, each round can be used for a very long period of time. In addition, the player can become the owner of a high multiplier at any time. All because there is free space on the field, it will be filled until the winning streak is over. This slot has an anti-bet feature. This is a very good opportunity to activate the bonus, and you don’t have to wait for the bonus item to be deployed. In this case, it pays out 100 times the bet amount.

The role of the scatter as already mentioned in this article. Let’s take a closer look at this item. The role of the scatter in the game is performed by a lollipop on a stick. This element forms a combination of 4 or more symbols anywhere. 4 scatters will bring enough dividends and start a more authentic game with 10 spins. What’s more, it’s all at the casino’s expense. This is a great chance to multiply your winnings. On a roll of 3 more scatters, the player will get 5 more free rounds. While playing Candy Bomb offers the player a whole waterfall of generous rewards and bonuses.

The multiplier is a sweet bomb that only appears during the free spins. The increase ranges from 2 to 100 times. This is a measure of how many times the prize pool will be increased when a payout is made. This will always remain until the end.

Prize Feature Fallout – This feature plays a role in all spins. When a winning combination forms as a result of a spin on the playing field, it explodes. The symbol will then disappear, but a new one will soon appear. This gives you a great chance to get extra credit for your winnings. The explosion will continue until the winning combination is formed and completed. The result is this. The multipliers will be added up and added to the player’s total balance.

About the way to win in the game Sweet bonanza.

The strategy is not the same. This slot works with a system of random number generation. This allows the player to learn the transparency of the game and enjoy it without getting bored until the end. Nevertheless, many players build tactics in the hope that it will help them in some way. Perhaps it is effective. However, there are no statistics on it, and there is no way to confirm if it really works or not.

This slot can still bring you big winnings if you use the most popular strategy in online casinos.

1)Increase or decrease your bet after a certain number of rounds.
2) Increase your bet by 1x after losing.

3) Aggressive tactics – Always play with the best bets

A few words for those who are playing for the first time. Before you start playing Sweet Bonanza for free. Be sure to visit the official website and test the game using a reliable online casino mirror. By doing so, you will be able to study the game well and understand how it works. In a real game, you can calculate your game options to maximize your winnings.

This excellent game is available on any device, including cell phones. Functionally, it’s the bare minimum necessary and you don’t need to buy an expensive phone. You can run the game by downloading the mobile app from the casino. This accessibility creates great opportunities. You can start the game anytime, anywhere. All you need for this is any mobile device. Don’t forget to check your account and replenish it on time.

So, what is the Sweet Bonanza game?

This game is simple for the user to quickly understand and learn all the simple rules, even without being the most inexperienced in this area. It can be installed on a handy device. Always at your fingertips. How to get big money while having fun. Just go to the online casino website and download the app. And, please, head out into a world of bright colors and delicious sweets. A huge number of bonuses will always cheer you up and keep you from getting bored. You can easily withdraw your winnings. The bet can be increased or decreased at any time. Everything is transparent, and the player can see with his own eyes what is happening on the field. To understand the game and understand the rules, you can play for free at any time without actually betting. This is a very convenient option that will not allow the player to spend a lot of money in vain. Even children can play the free version. They are well versed in the rules, and they catch the eye juicy fruit and bright candy. This game has many fans all over the world.